Jorva Entertainment Productions is comprised of a core group of talented professionals. With a range of diverse backgrounds, each team member brings unique skills and experiences to Jorva.

Johnson Chan, PGA | President

As President of Jorva Entertainment Productions, LLC (“Jorva”) Johnson Chan’s incredible passion, creative energy and intense dedication shines through every project in which he is involved. He strongly believes that a great picture comes about through teamwork and takes an all encompassing, very detailed “hands-on” approach with each of his productions. Every Jorva project is fueled with his enthusiasm – he is often first on set and the last to leave. Over the last decade Mr. Chan has created and produced numerous productions, both for film and television, setting gold standards for various networks in the United States. Recently, Mr. Chan worked with legendary director, Rob Reiner, producing the critically acclaimed drama Being Charlie. This heartfelt drama premiered at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival and was honored as a Special Presentation. Mr. Chan’s latest endeavor, The Perfect Match, is a romantic comedy featuring a star-studded cast including Paula Patton, Terrence Jenkins, Cassie Ventura, Brandy Norwood, Lauren London and Donald Faison among others. This picture is being distributed by Lionsgate, and will be in theaters across the nation in March 2016. Other notable films spearheaded by Mr. Chan include Smother starring Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler and Dax Shepard; Locked AwayDeadly Sibling RivalryNext Stop MurderHunt for the Labyrinth KillerThe Real St. Nick, directed by the renowned Penelope Spheeris; Murder on the 13th Floor, a television production incorporating ground breaking special effects; and Presumed Dead in Paradise, which was shot on location in beautiful Puerto Rico. Johnson Chan continues to bring his steadfast passion to all Jorva ventures.

J. Vincent Reppert | VP, General Counsel

J. Vincent Reppert is the Vice President and General Counsel of Jorva Entertainment Productions, LLC.

Mr. Reppert is responsible for, among other things, overseeing the company's national and international film, licensing, distribution and business and legal affairs for its home entertainment, digital, interactive and television productions. Mr. Reppert is also actively involved in overseeing development and production for films distributed by Jorva Entertainment Productions, LLC.

Mr. Reppert's motion picture producer credits included Smother, starring Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler and Dax Shepard; Locked Away aka Maternal Obsession and Next Stop Murder, all of which have been acquired by Lifetime Movie Networks.

Mr. Reppert is also a founding partner of an active New York based law firm. In this capacity, Mr. Reppert, for the past twenty years, has litigated numerous state and federal court trials and private arbitrations in jurisdictions throughout the United States; He has also handled state and federal investigations and numerous corporate, intellectual property, licensing, and distribution matters as well as substantial corporate investments and acquisitions.

Mr. Reppert received a football scholarship from Syracuse University and was a free agent with the New England Patriots and the Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonauts. Mr. Reppert has also represented NFL players. Given his extensive sports background, Mr. Reppert has been active in developing sport related entertainment projects.

Education: Syracuse University; University of Massachusetts at Amherst School of Management