Murder on the 13th Floor (2012)

Nia Palmer (Tessa Thompson) is working her way through a child psychology degree by nanny-ing for brilliant architect Jordon Braxton and his wife Ariana (Jordan Ladd). Jordan (Sean Patrick Thomas) is in the process of developing a state-of-the-art-high-tech condominium high-rise. In order to ensure the building’s “smart” features run smoothly, Jordan moves his wife and young son Cody into the penthouse until the project is finished and sold.

Due to a serious disconnect in his marriage. Jordan ends up falling in love with Nia. When Nia discovers that she’s pregnant, Jordan finally decides to divorce his wife once and for all. When Ariana discovers their dirty little secret, she’s furious. But Ariana is unwilling to simply get a divorce. Knowing that Jordan’s net worth will skyrocket in a few years, she concocts a plan to keep Jordan all to herself. Unstable and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Ariana hires two armed men to invade the condo while Nia is home alone. Ariana’s plan hits a snag when Cody comes home early from a sleepover. With the building locked down and completely empty, Nia uses her wits and knowledge of the high tech building to protect herself and Cody from danger. 

STARRING: Tessa Thompson, Jordan Ladd and Sean Patrick Thomas

WRITTEN BY: Steve Palmer Peterson 

DIRECTED BY: Hanelle M. Culpepper

Currently airing on A&E's Lifetime Movie Network