Deadly Sibling Rivalry (2011)

Ever since they were little, Identical Twin Sisters JANNA and CALLIE have had an incredibly fierce rivalry, each trying to outshine the other and spewing bad blood in the process. Their relationship grew even worse when they lost their father in a climbing accident at the age of 17.

Now an adult, Janna’s life has settled in.  She landed the perfect job, and has a beautiful daughter, FIONA, for whom she cares deeply.   But as with all mothers of college-age daughters, there are smoldering issues.

Callie, on the other hand, has drifted aimlessly from job to job and her moral compass has become increasingly out of tune. On the run from the law, Callie escapes to the family cabin and has a reunion with Janna and Fiona. On the way back from the cabin Janna and Callie have an argument, which leads to the car spinning off the road, injuring both and leaving Callie in a coma. 

However, we soon discover that it wasn’t Janna who walked away from the accident, but Callie! She disguised herself as Janna and has taken over her comatose sister’s perfect life. But problems soon begin to surface. Fiona has been away at school for a long time, so simply assumes the changes in her “mother’s” behavior are from the accident.  However, deeper suspicions set in.  And Callie has other problems too -- an old friend, TRICIA, shows up and sees through her scheme.  Tricia wants to be paid off for her silence.

As Callie grows more and more reckless, Fiona investigates and uncovers evidence of Callie’s theft, and becomes certain that her real mom is in the hospital. When Janna wakes, Callie is terrified -- her whole story is blown.  However, Janna’s suffered amnesia from the coma and doesn’t remember who she is.  Callie knows the amnesia won’t last long. She sets out to kill her sister.

Fiona helps Janna escape from the hospital and takes her mom back to the cabin to spark her memories and come to terms with the pain of her past. Callie chases them into the woods for a final, deadly showdown, in which Janna and Fiona prevail.

STARRING: Charisma Carpenter, Kyle Richards and Christa B. Allen

WRITTEN BY: Steve Palmer Peterson 

DIRECTED BY: Hanelle M. Culpepper

Currently airing on A&E's Lifetime Movie Network